Why does my dog Yawn?

I know what you are thinking! When my dog yawns its a sign of tiredness or he’s bored buts thats not necessarily the case.  There are actually a few reasons why your dog will yawn..

Why does my dog yawn?
Why does my dog yawn?

Just like humans dogs can get stressed out, we seem to fidget, bite our finger nails, tap our foot well dogs yawn! If you notice your dog yawning rather a lot then you might want to pay it some attention.

If your dog yawns when you come home and pick up its lead or your dog starts yawning when you are geting its dinner then he might be telling you that he is excited.

“Many times, when a dog is faced with an aggressive dog, he will offer a yawn in response to the aggressor. This simply means that the yawning dog is not interested in any sort of conflict. It’s not a sign of submission, but rather a sign of pacification.”

Have you ever noticed your dog yawning while in a training session – he might be telling you that he has had enough!

Yawns are contagious! Have you ever found your self yawning when someone else does? It turns out that this phenomenon isn’t just unique to humans. When a dog see’s a human yawning they will usually respond with a yawn. According to research, dogs will respond with a yawn more often when their owners yawn.

So its worth paying attention to your best friend when he starts to yawn!


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