Ruff Dawg Indestructible Dog Ball Guaranteed

RuffDawg Indestructible Guaranteed dog toys

Whether you have an easygoing dog or a rough dog your dog will benefit from a RuffDawg toy.  RuffDawg Indestructible dog toys are for serious chewers.  They are quality dog toys that have a crazy bounce, they float and are easy on your dog’s teeth, and have a lifetime guarantee.  Your dog will love these fun retrieving toys.  They are ideal for the park, lake, beach, or at home.

We think the Ruff DawgDawg Ball is the ultimate dog ball, available in two sizes for smaller and larger dogs.

RuffDawg’s Lifetime Replacement Guarantee applies for ALL SIZES of toys with indestructible on the pack.

These toys are so tough, that are guaranteed.

In the event that your toy gets destroyed, don’t panic, here’s what to do:

First, identify the toy – is it a Ruff Dawg Toy, and is it one of the Indestructible Guaranteed toys pictured below?

If so, please proceed!

Send us an email with a picture of the Ruff Dawg toy or bring it into our shop in St Heliers and we will exchange it. Simple!

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