Reasons why retractable leads are dangerous.

Don’t buy one.

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A customer came into my shop a few weeks ago and asked me if I sold retractable dog leads. I replied that I didn’t as I felt they are dangerous and a dog should be walked by the owners side and not 10 meters in front on the end of a thin piece of cord. She was very keen to hear my reasons and then told me that her son had a serious injury on the back of his knees due to their dog running off whilst still on the retractable lead and the cord cut into the back of his knees. A few days later they came back after buying a collar and a normal 112cm length leather lead from me and showed me the damage. I was horrified to see the very big scar that was left by the cord, the boy will be scared for life.

Retracterable leads have be come fashionable and Whilst I understand that an owner likes to let their dog sniff around while out walking most dog trainers and vets would not suggest a retractable lead.

If this dog bolted on this retractable lead the cord could easily snap or because of the spring-loaded mechanism she could be seriously injured from the leash flying back into her face.. This is not a suitable lead for a large dog.

Reasons why these leads are dangerous..

  • Retractable leads allow the dog to get too far away from their owners and this is not safe for the dog or the owner. Retracterable leads extend too far. extend too far.
  • If a dog bolts the retractable lead has a thin cord that can easily get tangled around the dog, the owner or someone else nearby.
  • These cords easily fray and break.
  • Because of the tension on a retractable leash from the spring-loaded mechanism inside, if the dog’s collar or the metal clasp breaks when the dog is close to you, you could be seriously injured from the leash flying back into your face.
  • The handles on these leads are usually quite big and when dropped or pulled out of your hand the sound of the lead falling onto the ground can frighten your dog and cause it to take off running.
  • A dog can incur serious injuries by taking off and the jolt at the end of the lead can cause neck wounds, burns, lacerated tracheas or spinal injuries
  • If a dog walker gets tangled up in the cord of a retractable leash, or grabs it in an attempt to reel in their dog, it can result in burns, cuts, and even amputation. In addition, many people have been pulled right off their feet by a dog that reaches the end of the leash and keeps going. This can result in bruises, “road rash,” broken bones, and worse.

A serious injury caused by a retractable lead, it nearly severed this owners finger.

So why not enjoy walking your dog by your side on a normal leash about 112cm in length. Your best friend will be safe, under control and be near you. If you want your dog to sniff around it can still do this in an open area when you let it off its lead in an off the leash park.

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