mipuchi luxury dog perfume Mandarin and Kiwifruit


Mipuchi Luxury dog perfume

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Delight in this unisex range of playful natural scent for dog.  mipuchi perfumes are blended by hand in New Zealand with natural botantical’s and aromatherapy-grade ingredients that will keep your pooch smelling gorgeous at all times.  mipuchi is 100% plant based it will provide a protective film containing moisturising ingredients which will contribute to a shinier coat and assist in making combing easier.  mipuchi comes in a beautiful glass bottle and box which makes for an ideal gift for anyone that loves their dog.  Bottle size 50ml.

No alcolhol, parabens, sulphates or harmful chemicals are used when making these products.

Non flammable, 100% natural, 8-12 hours of fragrance, moisturising and nourishing.

Made in New Zealand



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