Curli Magnetic Belka Comfort Dog Harness


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Your dog knows when you’re getting ready to take him out for a walk. He starts to become restless and can be fidgety, making it hard to get his harness and lead on.
So how do you put on a harness like the Belka Comfort Harness quickly, ensuring the buckles are properly closed, especially when your dog is bouncing around and you have to ditch the lead in order to have two hands-free to close the buckles?

This innovative magnetic locking system ensures a simple and uncomplicated operation of the buckle.  So simple you can secure the harness with just one hand – and the buckle is magnetically centered and closed.  Compared to conventional buckles, the Belka Magnetic buckle system can be opened and closed 40 times faster on average.

The magnetic lock

The fastest, most comfortable, and safest type of closure on the market!

Magnetic Belka Comfort Harness
Magnetic Belka Comfort Harness

Additional benefits

The “3D Comfort” design of the harness ensures ideal contouring to the dog’s anatomy, while the chest circumference of the harness can be adjusted to achieve a perfect fit.
The buckles are padded to protect against chafing and there is additional padding on the back to ensure that the carabiner does not injure the dog.
To keep your dog close (e.g. in public transport) or to support him when entering the car (by lifting him up), there is a padded neoprene handle on the back.

Magnetic Belka Comfort Harness sizing chart
Magnetic Belka Comfort Harness sizing chart





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