Louis and Phoebe Premium dog food Grain Free Fish and Potato


Grain Free. Great for dogs with yeast infections and itchy skin.

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Grain-Free Louis and Phoebe healthy sensitive Premium dog food Fish and Potato was developed for dogs with allergies to red meat and some grains.  It is made from natural, organic healthy ingredients.  Louis and Phoebe Grain-free Fish and Potato is also excellent for itchy dogs.  If the Fish and Rice haven’t worked for you then your dog could have allergies to red meat and grains so try this one.

Excellent for dogs with yeast problems.

When grains break down they convert to sugar, the yeast eats sugar and grows causing ear infections and other yeast problems in dogs.  But because there are no grains in the fish and potato dog food the yeast is starved and it doesn’t grow helping with infections.

No preservatives, flavourings, colouring or additives

Made from wild-caught fish free from heavy metals High quality,

Hypoallergenic and nutritionally complete food for itchy dogs.

Complete hypoallergenic food for itchy dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes.

Free from red meat, chicken, and grain.

Premium AFFCO tested food that is comparable to vet quality brands.

Louis and Phoebe Healthy dog food FISH & POTATO (GRAIN FREE)

For dogs with allergies to red meat and grains.

  • Contains omega 3 & omega 6
  • Garlic, Kelp, Oregano & Rosemary
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Wheat and GE Free





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