Louis and Phoebe Poop Bags Compostable 4 rolls


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Louis and Phoebe Compostable poop bags make it easier to pick up after your pets as they are bigger and stronger to protect you and are environmentally friendly to protect our planet.  Our poop bags are biodegradable in landfill and do not need sunlight or oxygen to break down.  They are home compostable and will break down quickly in the compost to a natural fertiliser. Return dog waste to the earth as organic matter. Made from plant materials there are no microplastics, they are sustainable and a better alternative to using plastic. Always pick up your dog’s poop.  Designed in New Zealand to our highest standard leak proof and splitproof.

Made in accordance with the New Zealand and Australian home compostable standards.

Each pack contains 4 rolls 60 bags

9 x 13 inches



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