Hunter Moss dog safety life jacket red and highly visible


Hunter Moss dog safety life jacket for dogs

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Hunter dog Moss life, safety jacket.  Many dogs are like ducks to water. They jump into every puddle they see, swim in streams and lakes, and some even like to jump into the bath with their owners! Their love of water makes dogs the perfect companions on boat trips. To guarantee better safety for your dog and better peace of mind for you yo, you will feel at ease with the Hunter Moss dog safety life jacket. The chest strap and the two stomach straps are adjustable for the perfect fit. The safety clicking catches ensure that the belt won’t accidentally open while your dog is swimming .  The life jacket has a handle so you can grab your dog if you need to. The Moss life jacket is bright red so that it is highly visible. It is also reflective to guarantee even better safety. By purchasing a life jacket, you are investing in your dog’s safety and making sure that you and your best bud will have plenty of carefree fun when you go swimming. The Moss life jacket is available in five sizes.  Dogs who weigh between 5 and 25 kg can wear it.

S 23 – 42 cm 30 – 46 cm
M 29 – 45 cm 45 – 55 cm
L 35 – 50 cm 48 – 65 cm
XL 39 – 62 cm 62 – 86 cm
XXL 46 – 72 cm 79 – 108 cm

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