Healthy Premium Dog Food Grass Fed Beef Medium Buttons


Choose the larger-sized buttons or nuggets for medium to large dogs.

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Louis and Phoebe Healthy Premium Adult Full Maintenance complete dog food is made in New Zealand from the best Grass-Fed Beef.  It is available in three different sizes of biscuits. Our Medium-sized buttons are slightly harder and bigger than our small buttons which encourages your dog to chew its food, in turn, this slows down the dog’s eating which is great for their teeth and their weight. Our dog food does not have a fat coating applied to it or flavour enhancers so it is more natural.  Louis and Phoebe Healthy Premium dog food has been formulated for dogs over 9 months of age.  Louis and Phoebe Premium dog food is the healthiest all-natural dog food available in New Zealand.  We use only the best ingredients available.  It is suitable for all breeds of adult dogs of any size.   The Mini’s are suitable for all dog sizes but great for small dogs.  Wheat and GE-free.

Contains omega 3 & omega 6

  • Garlic, Kelp, Oregano & Rosemary
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Wheat and GE Free
  • 100% Organic NZ Made
  • MINI’S – Small dogs over 9mth of age (pea size)
  • BUTTON’S – Medium dogs over 9 months – designed to encourage dogs to chew their food and slow down their eating. 
  • NUGGET’S – Large dogs over 9 months.  Our Nuggets encourage dogs to chew their food and slow down their eating.

    Feeding Guide

    1 – 1 1/2 cups (100-150 gms) per 10 kg of body weight per day.


    Grass-fed Beef meal, Ground corn, brown rice, tallow (stabilized with vitamins C & E, rosemary, citric acid), blood meal, spray dried blood, flax seed meal, fish meal (a natural source of glucosamine), fish oil,( for the correct balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6), oregano, agrimoss (a natural prebiotic), kelp (a natural source of chelated minerals), garlic, rosemary (a powerful antioxidant, and beneficial for cardiovascular health), salt, added vitamins and chelated minerals.

    When introducing your dog to Louis and Phoebe Premium dog food, mix 25% with their existing food, then gradually increase the food to 100% over the next week.

    Massey University confirms Louis and Phoebe Premium Dog food exceeds A.A.F.C.O’s standards. Store in a cool dry place. To maintain freshness, store in the bag in a lidded container.

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