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100% Natural and Chemical-Free Flea  Repelling Frequency Barrier Tags for Dogs.  Simply clip onto your dogs collar.

We know that there are dozens of solutions on the market today, unfortunately, the majority of them use chemicals—better known as poisons—to control these pests. And up until now, dog and cat owners have had to make the daunting decision among “lesser evils” when choosing an appropriate flea and tick treatment program for their pets. Show your dog or cat how much you love them by protecting them with 0Bug!Zone.

The technology behind Obugzone is that it creates a “frequency barrier” designed to protect people and animals against insects without the use of lotions, sprays, pills and chemicals.  According to research, each insect is repelled by a specific frequency.  Obugzone encodes the frequency into a magnetic strip (like a credit card) on the Obugzone tag the product works because the natural energy field created by the animal or person expands the specific frequency, which creates a barrier from insects.

Helps protect up to 3 months!

  • Eco-Friendly . waterproof
  • Non-Toxic & Odor Free
  • Safe for All Weights and Ages
  • Package Contains:
    • One Flea Tag
    • How it works.
    • Obugzone is completely safe to use with a microchip or pacemaker.


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