Danish Design Dog Duvet Anti-Bacterial


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The anti-bacterial duvets in grey are made with hard-wearing stain and water-resistant material.  Soft to the touch and comfy for your dog.  Silver ion technology for odour and hygiene protection.  The easy care cover comes off for machine wash.

  • The full antimicrobial effect after only 24 hours
  • Contributes to stopping odour-causing bacteria
  • Freshness for your pet by evaporating water away and into the textile to be dispersed
  • Antimicrobial effects will last the life of the textile, prolonging its life span with the reduced need for constant washing
  • Outstanding resistance to machine washing, with 99.9% reduction of bacteria even after 100 wash cycles
  • It only needs to be washed at a low temperature, reducing energy consumption
  • The use of SILVERPLUS® is shown to have no harmful effects to the environment
  • Safe and pet friendly

Deluxe Duvets
Medium – 67 x 98cm
Large – 87 x 132cm

Danish Design anti-bacterial Dog Duvet
Danish Design anti-bacterial Dog Duvet




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