Cycle Dog dog lead Green Plaid waterproof No Stink


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Cycle Dog leashes are made to last, with durable yet soft material and metal hardware.  With the waterproof backing, drying off your leash is as simple as wiping it off. So if you got caught in the rain or dropped the leash in a puddle, you won’t have to deal with the discomfort of a soggy leash.

Did we mention that Cycle Dog leashes have a bottle opener? That’s right, open your favorite beverage on the go! The bottle opener also serves as a hook for pick-up bags or lights.

112cm long

  • Handcrafted in USA.
  • Waterproof, no stink, upcycled backing is Sustainable & Eco-friendly.
  • 1000 times less bacterial growth than standard nylon leashes means no odor, even after hours of wet walks.
  • Bottle Opener dog leash is always ready with Pup Top bottle opener accessory attachment for pickup bags and led lighting.


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