Cycle Dog corn and starch poop bags with Park Pouch 6 rolls 72 bags


Cycle Dog corn and starch pick up bags with handy recycled park pouch.

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Cycle Dog corn and starch poop pick up bags handy Park Pouch pack are absolutely earth-friendly.  Made from corn and starches (plants which are sustainable materials) they are 100% biodegradable.  The bags are a great size for all dogs and are strong so they won’t split during use.  Pop your roll into the park pouch made from recycled bike inner tubes, its strong, compact, and clips to your lead via a carabiner clip.

Cycle Dog pick up bags are available in the refill pack containing 6 rolls and 72 bags or the handy park pouch pack which also contains 72 bags.

Don’t be fooled by bags that say they are biodegradable, most bags in New Zealand are actually a plastic bag.  They contain an additive ingredient to help them break down but will still take years.  Most plastic bags can be recycled but not with dog waste in them they will just go to the landfill.

Know that when disposing of your Cycle Dog bag you know that you are helping our environment.




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