Curli Car Safety belt for dogs


Secure your dog safely.  Best with a harness not from a collar.

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Curli car safety belt for dogs
Curli car safety belt for dogs

We are often in the car with our own dogs and know that we should secure small dogs in a crate. However, this is often impractical on short journeys. A simple solution was needed. We hearkened back to our outdoor pursuits days and found the answer in mountain sports – a single-handed use system with a safety locking carabiner that can be mounted in the normal click lock of the vehicle seat belt. Used in combination with a curli harness, it provides a perfect, safe, and secure solution for short distances.  This safety belt is suitable for cats.  Belts: Nylon / Snap Hook: Alloy


  • Multiple uses, with the seatbelt or, with the iso fix system in newer cars
  • Two sizes 30cm / 11,8inch and 60cm / 23,6inch
  • Length adjustable for better range of movement
  • Extra secure twist lock aluminum carabiner
  • Lightweight, therefore not disturbing the dog

Be careful!
Never leave a dog alone in the car, particularly in the summer. A car rapidly becomes like an oven in the heat.





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