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Louis and Phoebe
I love this picture of Louis and Phoebe. They are both looking up eagerly waiting for their food. It shows how dependent our pets are on us. We have domesticated dogs and for most of us they have become a big part of our family.
I started Louis and Phoebe last year as an on line business just after Louis, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier died on July 2017 aged 15.
I had him from a puppy. He was a wonderful family dog, so loyal, mostly well behaved and great fun. He woke me every morning at 6.15am rushing to the side of my bed to say good morning.
Four years ago we got Phoebe from the Humane Society, We thought she would be good company for Louis as well as giving a little Schnauzer, Cairn Terrier cross a good home. They became firm friends and Phoebe (who can be a little rascal) copied every thing Louis did and kept him young.
I always struggled to find good quality dog products and food, thats why I started Louis and Phoebe Pet Boutique.
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