If you love running with your dog

Just do a few checks first before hitting the road..
Just like humans dogs need exercise to burn off energy and spend more time with you. Dogs do love to run but before you hit the pavement you will need to to take time and access whether your dog is suitable to pound the streets..
Older dogs may have joint problems.
Dogs with short legs might not be able to keep up with your pace or if your best friend is a pug, bulldog, chihuahua, flat nose breed the exertion with their breathing as they have narrow nostrils just might be too hard.
Large dogs can be prone to hip dyplasia and this can lead to arthritus.
If you are unsure just check with your vet to make sure they are all A ok.
And don’t start them too young as you can damage your pups joints.
If all is well – go for it –
If you love running with your dog you will love this genuine harness leather multi leash. It takes the strain off your back and lets you run freely and enjoy your dogs company. The Multi-leash can be used for walking and walking two dogs with a self – adjusting floating ring and has all brass hardware.
Most running leashes or multi leashes tie around your waist but this can put pressure on your back as the dog pulls.
The Angel multi leash is only available in New Zealand at Louis and Phoebe..

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