Curli Comfort Dog Harness is so easy to put on

The Curli Vest Harness Clasp is a step-in harness and is easy to put on. It is the best harness in terms of weight and function. This stylish-looking harness has the most secure closure clasp which can withstand tensile loads up to 100kg. Designed for comfort it is lightweight, breathable, and the best quality.  It sits neatly on the dog’s shoulders taking all the stress off the dog’s neck and distributing it to the strongest part of its body.  Making your dog’s walk an enjoyable one.  It’s especially important for short-head dogs like pugs, and French Bull Dogs to wear a harness due to the breathing passages in these dogs are frequently undersized or flattened.  A Curli harness is the best harness for any small dog from a Chihuahua or French Bull Dog to a large Schnauzer. From sizes 1.5 to 18kg.

Curli Vest Harness Clasp Air Mesh Red
Curli Vest Harness Clasp Air Mesh Red

The Curli Swiss designed safety and comfort dog harness.

Designed in Switzerland these harnesses have become one of the biggest brands in Europe. Easy to put on, lightweight, air-permeable, stretch Air Mesh, and they have a cooling effect when immersed in water, keeping your pet cool in hot summer temperatures.

Curli Vest Harness Air Mesh Clasp Sunrise Orange
Curli Vest Harness Air Mesh Clasp Sunrise Orange

The Curli Comfort dog harness looks good too.

Function and design

Adjustable in size with velcro closure, easy to adjust to the body shape.

We crossed nylon straps for optimal tension distribution and protection against neck injuries.

Reflective elements for safe night walking.

Dog Finder ID to help find your dog if it gets lost.

Curli Dog Harnesses are available at Louis and Phoebe Pet Boutique 

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