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looking for naturally healthy premium dog food? – You have found it!

If you are looking to feed your dog healthy dog food in New Zealand then you should consider the range of Louis and Phoebe Healthy dog food.  It contains organic, GE-free, wheat-free natural human-grade New Zealand ingredients.  Made locally and daily in New Zealand, it’s fresher.  We have two varieties Grass-Fed Beef and Fish and Rice.

Why do we use Rice and not wheat in our dog food?

White rice is safe for dogs.  Rice is bland it helps dogs with digestive problems, it helps slow stool production, and eases diarrhea.  It has easily digestible carbohydrates.  Rice is better for dog foods than wheat as the protein in wheat can cause sensitivities and allergies so we prefer to add rice to our food.  Our dog food is wheat-free, not grain-free, there is a difference.

Our dog food is not baked like most dog foods it is steam extruded which keeps more of the nutrients in the food.

It is made locally in New Zealand, daily.

About our Grass-Fed Beef Dog Food

Louis and Phoebe Healthy Puppy Food Grass-Fed Beef
Louis and Phoebe Healthy Puppy Food Grass-Fed Beef


Louis and Phoebe Healthy Grass Fed Beef Puppy food is the best way to start off your new addition to your family.  It should be given up to 9 months with small dogs and 12 months with larger dogs.  Our Puppy food is full of all the nutrients that it needs to grow into a healthy adult dog.  No artificial preservatives, colouring or flavouring, it’s completely natural.

Healthy Adult Dog Food

Our Adult maintenance dog food is everything an adult dog needs to thrive.  Made from Grass Fed Beef, fish, (New Zealand grass-fed beef is arguably the best in the world), and we use only the best quality kelp, it’s full of the best New Zealand ingredients.  Contains omega 3 and omega 6 which help support your dog’s body and brain.

We have three sizes of buttons in this range Small buttons, Medium, and Nuggets.  Our food is generally crunchier than most other foods which helps encourage your dog to chew its food.  The Medium and larger Nuggets are great for larger dogs as they will encourage dogs to chew their food it slows down their eating and is so much better for their teeth.  Our Grass Fed Beef is around 10% fat so it’s much better for your dog’s weight, especially aging dogs.  It also helps their joints if they are not overweight.

Louis and Phoebe Healthy dog food is better for your dogs teeth.
Louis and Phoebe Healthy dog food is better for your dog’s teeth.

Louis and Phoebe Healthy Fish and Rice Dog Food

At Louis and Phoebe Pet Boutique, we only want the best for your four-legged friend that’s why our Fish and Rice Healthy Dog food is so good for your dog.  It is suitable for all dogs, but especially good if your dog has a sensitive tummy, allergies, or itchy skin.  It has an advanced formula for dogs with pancreatic and liver problems. Our Fish and Rice dog food is only 9% fat and is excellent for dogs that need to keep their weight down such as older dogs.

It contains natural prebiotics for healthy digestion – great for your dog’s gut.

Compare our price

Because we make our Healthy Dog Food locally and use local ingredients and don’t have any huge shipping costs we are able to keep our costs down.  Our dog food is not only better for your dog its better for your wallet.

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