Best Dog Harness for smaller dogs – best design and function.

Curli the Swiss-designed top-selling dog harness in Europe is now available at Louis and Phoebe Pet Boutique. Meticulously Designed for safety, the Curli harness is a light-weight step-in harness that is so easy to put on your dog.

Sizes available for dogs that weigh from 1.5kg to 16kg

Curli Comfort vest Harness

Designed in Switzerland the Curli no pull comfort vest harness takes the stress off your dog’s neck. Vets recommend a harness for this very reason. The Curli vest harness is made from Air-Mesh and is incredibly lightweight, air-permeable and comfortable for your dog. And they look stylish too.

DogFinder ID is hosted in Switzerland. The unique additional feature is the DogFinder ID. It is designed to help you find your dog in the event that it should go missing. Each harness has its own DogFinder ID which you can register online. Simply log on

Keep your dog cool even in the hottest weather.

The Curli Comfort Vest Harness keeps your dog cool in summer even in the hottest weather. How does it work?

Curli step-in vest harness cooling when immersed in water.
Curli step-in vest harness cooling when immersed in water.

The Curli Comfort Step in Harness has two lightweight rings for attaching the leash securely. Stretchable seams for flexible tension distribution crossed nylon straps for protection against neck injuries.

Curli function and design
Curli Comfort Step in vest harness for dogs available from Louis and Phoebe Pet Boutique

These well designed Curli vest harnesses are available from

Louis and Phoebe shops, 2 Baddeley Ave Kohimarama Auckland – Remuera Vets 5 Norana Ave Remuera Auckland New Zealand

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